Futures Races Debut Competitors on the Mile

Wright, Sears, Desjardins, Linderg and Forward win 

SYRACUSE, N. Y. – Oct. 6, 2012 –Moving up from the Sportsman Modified division, Justin Wright brought his Big-Block Modified to Syracuse’s Moody Mile for the first time, speeding it to victory in Friday’s DIRTcar Big-Block Modified Futures race.


Wright, whose past NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week success includes a fifth-place finish in last year’s DIRTcar Sportsman Championship, hopes to continue to build a career in the powerful 800-plus horsepower Big-Block Modified machine.


“It’s a lot faster,” Wright said. “It pins you back in the seat going down the back stretch. You just have to pay attention and hit your marks a little more carefully with the Big Block because you’re going so much faster and you can wreck the car a lot quicker.”


The rookie placed 30th in Thursday’s time trials, earning the tenth starting spot in tonight’s third twenty-lap VP Small Engine Fuels qualifier.


Rounding out the top five in the DIRTcar Big-Block Modified Futures race are Mario Clair in second, Brian Sage in third, Kevin Albert in fourth, and Marc Johnson in fifth.

Tim Sears, Jr., debuted his No. 83x small block at the New York State Fairgrounds’ Moody Mile with a win in Friday’s DIRTcar 358-Modified Futures race.

Sears started at the pole in the 15-lap rookie race, and showed that he was taking to driving his 358-Modified on the Mile like a fish to water.

“It’s a little different, not quite as much motor, but almost,” Sears said of his new ride.

Sears placed 20th in time trials, putting him in the tenth starting spot for tonight’s Twin 20 qualifier for Saturday’s Gander Mountain 150.

Rounding out the top five in the DIRTcar 358-Modified Futures race are Jason Herrington in second, Brian Murphy in third, David Papineau in fourth, and Jeff Rockefeller in fifth.

Mathieu Desjardins’ Moody Mile debut has been nothing short of impressive. The French-Canadian, hailing from Sorel-Tracy, Que., not only topped the DIRTcar Sportsman Modified Futures race, but he also registered the fast lap in time trials Friday during NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLI qualifying events.

“I had no expectations coming here,” the French-speaking Desjardins said through a translator. “It’s like a dream running the mile. It’s a big thing for me right now, and winning the Futures races is something big.”

Desjardins hopes his success in Friday’s Futures races, following on the heels of winning the pole in Saturday’s 30-lap Sportsman Modified Championship, indicates a strong setup that will take him to a strong finish.

“The car is perfect now,” Desjardins said.

Gary Lindberg topped the second of two Sportsman Modified Futures races, leading over 17 other competitors. Glenn Forward took the Futures win in the Pro Stock division.

Big-Block Modified Futures Finish (15 laps): 1. Justin Wright, 2. Mario Clair, 3. Brian Sage, 4. Kevin Albert, 5. Marc Johnson, 6. Tyler Siri, 7. Jeff Rockefeller, 8. Jasmin Leveillee, 9. Tommy Flannigan, 10. Matt Pupello, 11. Scott Boudinot, 12. Darwin Greene, 13. Aaron Jacobs

358-Modified Futures Finish (15 laps): 1. Tim Sears Jr., 2. Jason Herrington, 3. Brian Murphy, 4. David Papineau, 5. Jeff Rockefeller, 6. Darwin Greene, 7. Tim Currier, 8. Jimmy Cottrell, 9. Kevin Albert, 10. Henry Maier, 11. Patrick McGrail, 12. Aaron Jacobs, 13. Kevin Gamble, 14. Neal Williams, 15. C.G. Morey, 16. Mikael Lebreche

Sportsman Futures Race No. 1 Finish (12 laps): 1. Mathieu Desjardins, 2. Brandon Easey, 3. Corey Wheeler, 4. Frank Burnell, 5. Justin Sharp, 6. Dave Flannigan Jr., 7. Casey Pavlick, 8. James Maier, 9. Chris Thurston, 10. Martin Pelletier, 11. Jessica Powers, 12. Ryan Darcy, 13. Devin Caron, 14. Ricky Thompson, 15. Eric Lauziere, 16. Jeremy Pitts, 17. Brett Wright, 18. Scott Duell

Sportsman Futures Race No. 2 Finish (12 laps): 1. Gary Lindberg, 2. Michael Sebia Jr., 3. Ryan Arbinout, 4. Randy McCulloch, 5. Don Spatorico, 6. Fred Proctor, 7. Rocky Warner, 8. Brett Martin, 9. Andrew Krause, 10. Jon Miller, 11. Mike Williams, 12. Ray Zemken, 13. Bryan Gleason, 14. Matt Farnham, 15. Sean Letts, 16. Jarrett Rozycki, 17. Jeff Stevenson, 18. Dillon Sallows

Pro Stock Futures Race Finish (10 laps): 1. Glenn Forward, 2. Ryan Stabler, 3. Gus Hollner, 4. Stephane Lariviere, 5. Guy Viens, 6. Sid Harmer Jr., 7. Dave Seguin, 8. Milo Campbell, 9. George Renaud, 10. Chris Cunningham


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