Golf Cart Rules

Super DIRT Week L

Rental & Personal Golf Car/Motorized Vehicle Permit

Please read carefully the following instructions prior to signing this permit

  1. Vehicles may only be operated between 7:00am through 8:00 pm (Friday excluded due to nighttime racing, but vehicles must be returned immediately following the event). Any vehicles running after this time will be confiscated and not returned back to renter or owner until Sunday at 6:00pm.
  2. All drivers must be age 21 or older and possess a valid Driver’s License. If anyone under the age of 21 is caught operating the cart there will be $100 fine and the golf cart will be confiscated and there will be no refunds.
  3. No recreational vehicles and/or golf carts are allowed on the highways. This is NYS Law.
  4. There will be a penalty for each sticker (other than permit) placed on the rented vehicle; a fee of a minimum of $12.50 to remove each small sticker and a minimum fee of $25 per large sticker will be charged.
  5. Renter is responsible for all damages done to rented vehicle.
  6. All riders must stay seated at all times.
  7. All owners and/or renters are responsible for any accidents and/or damages done involving their vehicles.
  8. Do not attempt to “soup-up” any rented golf carts. Any engine or governor tampering will be charged a standard shop rate of $65/hr.
  9. ATVs are not permitted in the infield area at any time.
  10. All rented vehicles must be returned by 8:00pm Sunday, October 11th or you will be charged a $50 late fee.

The grounds will be patrolled and the above rules enforced 24 hours a day. Any person in violation of these rules will have their rented and/or owned golf cart confiscated. All confiscated vehicles will not be returned until Sunday at 6:00pm.

Serial Number of Vehicle:________________________________________________________________

Permit #:_________________________________________________________________________________

Vehicle Description:______________________________________________________________________

Permit Agreement

Serial Number of Vehicle:________________________________________________________________

Permit #:_________________________________________________________________________________

I have read the above rules and agree that my signature denotes that I will abide by these rules:

Signature:___________________________________________ Date:_____________________________

Print Full Name:________________________________________________________________________

Vehicle info: (please describe your vehicle)

Year: ___________________________ Make: ___________________________ Model: ___________________________

Four-wheel ___________________________ Two-Wheel ___________________________ Color ___________________________

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