Wight Bookends Brewerton’s Hurricane 100

CENTRAL SQUARE, N.Y. – Larry Wight picked up the victory in the Hurricane 100 358-Modified Series event at Brewerton Speedway as a part of NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLVII.

Wight took advantage of Steve Bernier’s lap-98 miscue in turn two and drove on to win the 100-lap main event. A full field of 30 cars were led to the green flag by Wight and Michael Parent. Wight got the advantage on the outside and would go on to lead the first 35 laps.

After a yellow flag and restart on lap-36, Erick Rudolph soared to the lead from the outside of the first turn. Rudolph led comfortably until heavy lapped traffic ran two-wide on lap-52, slowing Rudolph’s progress and allowing Wight to pull back within striking distance.

On lap-55, Rudolph caught a rut in the middle of the third and fourth turns, which upset his machine and allowed Wight to power by while working the rim on the extreme outside groove.

The caution flag came out as the drivers crossed the start-finish line, setting up another restart for the two potent drivers.

The lap-61 restart saw the front row get together and slide up the track, opening up the inside lane for Bernier to move through.

Rudolph would recover and retake the lead on lap-64, only to surrender it back to Bernier on the following lap.

Bernier remained in charge until he slipped up with two laps remaining, opening up the door for Wight to drive on to victory.

“We had a good car all race, it was just a matter of trying to run around all the holes,” Wight said. “I thought he (Bernier) got too cautious at the end and missed his marks.”

Bernier held on for the second spot while Danny Johnson drove from tenth to third. Parent and Pat Ward finished fourth and fifth, respectively. Super DIRT Week XLVII resumes on Friday morning when the 358-Modifed teams take to the “Steel Palace” for their first practice session of the week. 358-Modified Series Hurricane 100 (100 Laps): (Larry Wight, Steve Bernier, Danny Johnson, Michael Parent, Pat Ward, Chad Brachmann, Steve Bernard, Carey Terrance, Erick Rudolph, Lance Willix, Ryan Bartlett, Tim Sears Jr., Bobby Varin, Ryan Susice, Dan Creeden, Tyler Trump, Ryan Arbuthnot, Louie Jackson Jr., Mike Maresca, Alan Johnson, Robbie Bellinger, Randy Green, Gerg Martin, Ronnie Davis III, Gary Lindberg, Jeff Sykes, James Sweeting, Mario Clair, Billy Whittaker, Todd Root)

358-Modified Time Trials Group 1: (Lance Willix 14.371, Michael Parent 14.455, Carey Terrance 14.652, Danny Johnson 14.732, Gary Lindberg 14.949, Greg Martin 14.959, Jeff Sykes 15.148, Tom Neale 15.169, Steve Barber 16.273)
358-Modified Time Trials Group 2: (Larry Wight 14.493, Ryan Arbuthnot 14.814, Tyler Trump 15.031, Donnie Elliot 15.038, Billy Shantel 15.054, Nick Krause 15.121, Kyle Demetro 15.310, Steve Bernier DNS)
358-Modified Time Trials Group 3: (Ryan Susice 14.572, Steve Bernard 14.734, Robbie Bellinger 14.771, Louie Jackson Jr. 14.787, Todd Root 14,814, Bobby Varin 14.911, James Sweeting 14.982, Brett Hearn DNS)
358-Modified Time Trials Group 4: (Billy Whittaker 14.412, Chad Brachmann 14.630, Pat Ward 14.650, Erick Rudolph 14.774, Mario Clair 14.783, Randy Green 15.014, Ryan Bartlett 15.081, Rick Richner 15.849)
358-Modified Time Trials Group 5: (Tim Sears Jr. 14.360, Roy Bresnahan 14.633, Ronnie Davis III 14.703, Mike Maresca 14,728, Jessey Mueller 14.876, Dan Creeden 14.906, Randy Shantel 15.020, Alan Johnson 15.2010

358-Modified Heat 1 (8 Laps): (Danny Johnson, Gary Lindberg, Lance Willix, Michael Parent, Carey Terrance, Greg Martin, Tom Neale, Jeff Sykes, Steve Barber)
358-Modified Heat 2 (8 Laps): (Larry Wight, Steve Bernier, Ryan Arbuthnot, Tyler Trump, Donnie Elliot, Kyle Demetro, Billy Shantel, Nick Krause DNS)
358-Modified Heat 3 (8 Laps): (Ryan Susice, Steve Bernard, Louie Jackson Jr., Bobby Varin, Robbie Bellinger, James Sweeting, Todd Root, Brett Hearn DNS)
358-Modified Heat 4 (8 Laps): (Chad Brachmann, Erick Rudolph, Mario Clair, Pat Ward, Billy Whittaker, Ryan Bartlett, Randy Green, Rick Richner)
358-Modified Heat 5 (8 Laps): (Tim Sears Jr., Mike Maresca, Ronnie Davis III, Dan Creeden, Roy Bresnahan, Alan Johnson, Randy Shantel, Jessey Mueller DNS)

358-Modified Last Chance Showdown #1 (10 Laps): (Greg Martin, Robbie Bellinger, Ryan Bartlett, Jeff Sykes, Rick Richner, Todd Root, Randy Shantel, Roy Bresnahan)
358-Modified Last Chance Showdown #2 (10 Laps): (James Sweeting, Billy Whittaker, Alan Johnson, Randy Green, Donnie Elliot, Tom Neale, Lance Willix)