Exciting New Format Enhances Camping World 150

CONCORD, NC – September 22, 2018 – DIRTcar Northeast has revealed a new twist for the 358 Modified Camping World 150 on Saturday, October 6 during the 47th annual NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week at Oswego Speedway. The added element is this: On or around lap 100, a 5-lap competition caution period will allow teams to pit for tires and fuel without being penalized laps. Drivers may decline to pit and will gain positions on those that choose to make the pit stop. Drivers that do pit will exit the pit area in the same order that they entered in, but will start behind the drivers that gambled by remaining on the track during the caution.

Importantly, the 2018 NAPA Super DIRT Week Competitor’s Guide states that “Dry break/quick fill re fueling systems will not be allowed.” This turns out to be a tremendous savings for all participating DIRTcar 358 Modified teams. DIRTcar Northeast Series Director Mike Perrotte noted, “It’s a huge benefit cost-wise and that’s the biggest reason for doing it this way.” Perrotte drivers to be able to enter and be competitive with their weekly DIRTcar 358 Modified without making costly modifications that are only used once a year. Defending Camping World 150 Champion Matt Sheppard noted, “Not having to install the quick-fill fuel pickup is a huge help.” That type of cost-cutting is a positive development for the sport.

It should be noted that all NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week specific rules for fuel cells are still in place as detailed in the DIRTcar Rulebook. You cannot have a dry break/quick fill refueling system. Teams will be given plenty of time to fuel up during the 5 laps of competition caution. Fuel cells ready to be inspected starting Tuesday, October 2 at 10:00 AM. Haulers may enter early on Tuesday to get prepared for inspection. All teams in all classes should be advised that the car counts this year are expected to rise, therefore make sure you are there early for inspection in order to be eligible for all Hot Lap sessions.

Matt Sheppard also saw the potential for varied race strategies. “We stayed out all 150 laps (and won) last year. If the track becomes slick and tires become important, you may see people pit for tires. It’s really going to depend on what the track does.”

Series Director Mike Perrotte agrees, “There will be big questions as to what the teams will do. They won’t know what their strategy is until they are on the race track.”

Fans will be excited to follow which drivers gamble by staying on the track during the competition caution against the drivers who pit for fuel and tires. The last fifty laps of the Camping World 150 will be the ultimate DIRTcar 358 Modified shoot out.

For fans that cannot make it to Oswego this year, our partners at FloRacing will broadcast NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week in its entirety, including all DIRTcar 358 Modified races including the Camping World 150 Twin 25s that run during Gander Outdoors Friday Night Lights.