Saturday’s Live Updates 2015

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NAPA Super DIRT Week XLVI: Saturday’s Live Updates


SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Oct. 10, 2015 – Saturday’s NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLIV action — which includes Friday’s postponed Big-Block Modified and 358-Modified heat races and Sportsman qualifying plus Pro Stock time trials, the USAC Silver Crown Salt City 78 and the Salute to the Troops 358-Modified Championship 150 (pace lap picture above) — is underway on the one-mile New York State Fairgrounds oval. Click the ‘read more’ link below and refresh your browser regularly throughout the remainder of the day for the latest updates and results.


Phelps gets his ‘Cuse win


7:15 p.m. — In his next-to-last opportunity to reach victory lane in a feature event at the Syracuse Mile, Jimmy Phelps finally struck paydirt in Saturday’s Salute to the Troops 358-Modified Championship 150.


With his Heinke Motorsports team’s pit strategy working to perfection, Phelps assumed command on lap 79 when Matt Janiak headed to the pits and never relinquished the top spot over the remaining distance. He survived multiple restarts and a charging Billy Dunn on a green-white-checkered finish to secure his coveted Moody Mile triumph and a $20,000 first-place prize.


Phelps steered his Troyer Mud Buss across the finish line 0.465 of a second in front of Dunn, who charged around the outside of Tim McCreadie in turn one on the restart with two laps to go and made a bid for a dramatic victory. Dunn pulled up to Phelps’s rear bumper entering one on the last circuit, Phelps pulled away by several car lengths off turn two and carried the momentum to the checkered flag.


McCreadie, who pitted for fuel with Phelps on lap 41 and then was the second car out of the pit area behind Phelps when the two drivers came in again to make their mandatory post-lap-50 pit stop on the 69th circuit, settled for a third-place finish. Brett Hearn finished fourth and Marc Johnson placed fifth after cracking the top five on a lap-139 restart.


The 150-mile race’s complete order of finish can be seen by clicking here.


358-Modified Championship 150 Updates


Finish (7 p.m.): Dunn charged to the outside on the lap-149 green-white-checkered restart to pass McCreadie for second and closed up to Phelps’s rear bumper entering turn one on the final circuit, but Phelps pulled away several car lengths off turn two and held on to win his first-ever event at Syracuse. McCreadie finishes third, followed by Hearn and Marc Johnson.


Lap 147: Janiak slows turn four with ripped-up left-front tire … Phelps had about 10 car lengths on McCreadie before caution. This sets up green-white-checkered finish; multiple attempts will be made to ensure final two laps are under green.


Lap 145: Phelps looking good, has 10 car lengths on McCreadie … Dunn not pressuring T-Mac for second.


Lap 139: Dunn gets by Hearn for third on the restart …. and Marc Johnson moved to fifth place.


Lap 136: Tenth caution of the race flies for Brian McDonald in turn four; Phelps leads McCreadie, Hearn, Dunn, Clair, Terrance, Marc Johnson, Heffner, Ronnie Johnson and Friesen.


Lap 135: Phelps just a few car lengths on McCreadie with lapped cars ahead … Hearn and Dunn not far behind as well.


Lap 125: McCreadie draws closer to Phelps; within five car lengths … Hearn and Dunn also moving within striking distance.


Lap 120: With darkness descending on the Moody Mile, Phelps holds about a 10 car-length lead over McCreadie; Hearn is about the same distance behind T-Mac in third, and the same for Dunn in fourth trailing Hearn.


Lap 104: Dunn sneaks by Mario Clair for fourth place on the restart and gives chase to the top three (Phelps, McCreadie, Hearn) …


Lap 100: Caution for a two-car tangle in turn four involving Caprara and Krachun; both require wrecker service. Heading for lap-104 restart, Phelps leads McCreadie, Hearn, Clair, Dunn, Marc Johnson, Heffner, Friesen, Terrance and Ronnie Johnson.


Lap 94: Caution for Desjardins, who spun between turns one and two … one lap before caution, Godown slowed and pulled off, relinquishing third place. Phelps now leads McCreadie, Hearn, Clair and Dunn.


Lap 88: Race stays under yellow after cars at back of pack get in a minor tangle in turn three coming to the restart.


Lap 84: The sixth caution of the race flies for former event winner Kenny Tremont, who spun into the outside wall between turns three and four while running just outside the top 10. Heading for a lap-88 restart, Phelps leads McCreadie, Godown, Hearn, Clair, Dunn, Marc Johnson, Caprara, Terrance and Friesen.


Lap 79: Leader Janiak comes in for his mandatory stop, handing lead to Phelps. McCreadie sits second, followed by Godown, Hearn, Clair, Dunn, Marc Johnson, Heffner, Terrance, Caprara and Friesen.


Lap 76: Caution for Larry Wight, who slowed with a left-front flat tire. Matt Janiak, who must still pit, led the field to the caution; Phelps sat second, followed by McCreadie, Godown, Hearn, Clair, Dunn, Marc Johnson, Haffner, Terrance, Caprara, Friesen, Tremont and Ronnie Johnson …


Lap 69: An army of cars came down pit road to make mandatory post-50 pit stops; the only lead-lap car that stayed out was Matt Janiak, who now leads. Jimmy Phelps and Tim McCreadie, who pitted previously on lap 41 for fuel, made stop-and-go stops and were the first cars off pit road, putting them second and third in the running order. Fourth iGodown, followed by Hearn, Clair, Dunn, Heffner …


Lap 66: Caution flies for Brian McDonald, who slowed with a left-rear flat tire in turn four. Pit action is about to get hot ….


Lap 50: Dunn leads Hearn, Tremont, Heffner, Friesen, Wight, Ronnie Johnson, Wayne Jelley, Ryan Godown and Mathieu Desjardins.


Lap 38: The race’s third caution flag comes out for debris sitting in the middle of the track in turn four. There’s been no change in the top-five; pit road could become active, but by event rules drivers must make their mandatory pit stops after the completion of lap 50. Drivers making early stops, however, on lap 41 were (in order out of pits) Jimmy Phelps, Marc Johnson, Erick Rudolph, Tyler Dippel, Carey Terrance, Michael Parent and Tim McCreadie. Heading to the lap-43 restart, Dunn leads Hearn, Tremont, Heffner and Friesen.


Lap 35: Still under green, Dunn holds a quarter-straightaway edge over Hearn … Tremont, Heffner and Friesen still follow.


Lap 28: Billy Decker’s day comes to an early end; he limps into the pit area while running fourth. The culprit: transmission trouble.


Lap 20: Tim McCreadie slowly inching forward; sits 21st after starting 36th.


Lap 15: Since lap-nine restart, Dunn has held about a 10 car-length lead over Hearn. Tremont, Decker and Heffner remain in positions 3-5, while Stewart Friesen has moved ahead of Larry Wight for sixth.


Lap 5: Caution waves for Ryan Krachun, who stops on the inside of turn one. Dunn leads Hearn, Tremont, Billy Decker and J.R. Heffner.


Lap 1: Billy Dunn leads the first green-flag circuit over Brett Hearn and Kenny Tremont ….


Start: The caution flag waved immediately as cars scrambled on the homestretch with dust flying; Brian Sage’s car was left on the straightaway’s inside berm and had to be pulled out of the mud by a tow truck. With the yellow, officials called for a complete restart (albeit single-file) with no laps completed.


4:35 p.m.: The 40-car starting field is pacing around the track …


Small-Blocks take center stage


4:30 p.m. — The 40-car field for the Salute to the Troops 358-Modified Championship 150 is about to roll onto the racetrack. The starting lineup is below:


Row 1: Billy Dunn, Brett Hearn
Row 2: Kenny Tremont, Billy Decker
Row 3: J.R. Heffner, Stewart Friesen
Row 4: Larry Wight, Jimmy Phelps
Row 5: Ronnie Johnson, Mario Clair
Row 6: Carey Terrance, Wayne Jelley
Row 7: Marc Johnson, Ryan Krachun
Row 8: Mathieu Desjardins, Erick Rudolph
Row 9: Michael Parent, Ryan Godown
Row 10: Frankie Caprara, Matt Janiak
Row 11: Yan Busier, Bob Sarkisian
Row 12: Tyler Dippel, Ryan Darcy
Row 13: Kevin Albert, Brian McDonald
Row 14: Tim Sears Jr., Chad Jeseo
Row 15: Bob McGannon, Neil Stratton
Row 16: Stephane Lafrance, David Hebert
Row 17: Jerry Higbie, Chris Raabe
Row 18: Alain Boisvert, Tim McCreadie
Row 19: Mark D’llario, Demeirjouis Drellos
Row 20: Tommy Flannigan, Brian Sage


It’s all Swanson again


4:25 p.m. – Kody Swanson of Kingsbury, Calif., was the star of the USAC Silver Crown show once again, capturing the Salt City 78 for the second consecutive year.


Swanson slipped back to third place after starting from the outside pole, but he patiently worked his way forward. He grabbed second place from A.J. Fike on a lap-30 restart and then charged around the outside of Benton, Ill.’s Shane Cockrum in turn one to assume command for good on lap 54.


Two of the race’s six caution flags slowed Swanson’s pace after he gained command — once eliminating his fulls straightaway lead — but he easily handled each restart. He beat Cockrum to the finish line by 1.184 seconds for the $10,000 top prize.


Chris Windom of Canton, Ill., came from the ninth starting spot to finish third. Shane Cottle of Kokomo, Ind., advanced from 10th to place fourth and three-time Syracuse 200 Big-Block Modified champion Stewart Friesen of Sprakers, N.Y., marched forward from the 14th starting spot to finish fifth for the second straight year.


USAC Silver Crown Salt City 78 Updates


Lap 78: At 4:08 p.m., Swanson takes the checkered flag unchallenged after a lap-76 restart to win the Salt City 78 for the second consecutive year. Cockrum finishes second, followed by Windom, Cottle and Friesen, who places fifth for the second straight year.


Lap 73: Brady Bacon slows with a left-front flat tire, tiggering yellow-flag conditions with Swanson in command over Corkrum, Windom, Cottle and Friesen.


Lap 65: A caution flag waves for Casey Shuman, who slowed on the homestretch. The yellow wiped out Swanson’s full straightaway lead over Cockrum; Fike sits third, followed by Coons and Chris Windom (Friesen runs seventh).


Lap 54: Swanson grabs the lead, overtaking Cockrum with an outside power move entering turn one.


Lap 52: Swanson has drawn closer to leader Cockrum … the pacesetters have a full straightaway over third-place Fike, with Coons and Shane Cottle completing the top five.


Lap 38: Aaron Pierce slowed and then stopped in turn two after losing a right-front wheel, bringing out out the race’s third caution flag. Cockrum held a short lead when the yellow flew over Swanson, Fike, Grant and Coons; Friesen sits in eighth place.


Lap 26: The race’s second caution flag is displayed for former Syracuse 200 Big-Block Modified winner Richie Tobias, who spun into the wall between turns three and four. Cockrum continues to lead over Fike, Swanson, Grant and Jerry Coons Jr.


Lap 10: The race’s first caution flag flies for Steve Buckwalter, who spun backwards into the turn-two wall. After grabbing the lead from early pacesetter Justin Grant just before the caution flag flew, Shane Cockrum sits atop the field over Grant, last year’s winner Kody Swanson, A.J. Fike and C.J. Leary. Three-time Syracuse 200 Big-Block Modified champ Stewart Friesen sits 11th after starting 14th.


3 p.m.: Engines fire and the 18-car field rolls onto the one-mile oval.


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Salt City 78 ready to hit track


2:50 p.m. — The 18-car field for the USAC Silver Crown Salt City 78 is currently on pit road awaiting the command to fire engines. The lineup is below:


Row 1: Justin Grant/Ione, Calif. – Kody Swanson/Kingsburg, Calif.
Row 2: Shane Cockrum/Benton, Ill. – Aaron Pierce/Muncie, Ind.
Row 3: C.J. Leary/Greenfield, Ind. – A.J. Fike/Galesburg, Ill.
Row 4: Jerry Coons Jr./Tucson, Ariz. – Casey Shuman/Tempe, Ariz.
Row 5: Chris Windom/Canton, Ill. – Shane Cottle/Kokomo, Ind.
Row 6: Brady Bacon/Broken Arrow, Okla. – Richie Tobias/Lebanon, Pa.
Row 7: Steve Buckwalter/Royersburg, Pa. – Stewart Friesen/Sprakers, N.Y.
Row 8: Austin Nemire/Sylvania, Ohio – Chris Fetter/Troy, Mo.
Row 9: Chappy Knaack/Bethesda, Md. – Patrick Lawson/Edwardsville, Ill.


Britten captures Big-Block Last Chance Race


2:40 p.m. — Aussie Peter Britten was triumphant in the 20-lap Big-Block Last Chance Race, dominating the action from start-to-finish after taking the green flag from the pole position.


Britten built as much as a full straightaway edge on the field before a last-lap caution flag shrank his final edge to ???? of a second over Brian Swarthout. His victory was worth $500.


At the start of the race, the top six finishers were scheduled to move on to the Syracuse 200. With no DIRTcar points provisionals needed, however, officials were discussing if another car would be added to the field.


Last Chance Race Finish (20 laps): 1. Peter Britten, 2. Brian Swarthout, 3. Mark Forte Jr., 4. Jeff Rockefeller, 5. Tom Sears Jr., 6. Bob McGannon, 7. Jamie Maier, 8. Kevin Albert, 9. Marcus Dinkins, 10. Dave Allen, 11. Tyler Siri, 12. Vince Vitale, 13. Billy VanInwegen, 14. Tommy Flannigan, 15. Jeff Miller, 16. Steve Feder, 17. Mickael Labreche, 18. Mike Turner, 19. Rick Reglaski Jr., 20. Bob Hamm Jr., 21. Todd Milton, 22. Roy Bresnahan, 23. Frankie Caprara.


Higbie tops 358-Mod consolation


2 p.m. — Jerry Higbie scored a flag-to-flag victory in the 12-lap 358-Modified Last Chance Race, moving him into today’s 150-miler.


Chris Raabe finished second, Alain Boisvert was third and former race winner Tim McCreadie took fourth to complete the race’s transfers.


Ryan Forte slammed the turn-three wall with two laps remaining but emerged from his car uninjured.


358-Modified Last Chance Race Finish (top 4 transfer): 1. Jerry Higbie, 2. Chris Raabe, 3. Alain Boisvert, 4. Tim McCreadie, 5. Mark D’llario, 6. Demeirgouis Drills, 7. Tommy Flannigan, 8. Brian Sage, 9. Greg Atkins, 10. Kevin Britten, 11. Aaron Jacobs, 12. Ryan Forte, 13. Brett Wright, 14. Mickael Labreche.


Last-Chance Qualifier Lineups




(top 4 transfer to 150)
Row 1: Alan Therrien, Chris Raabe
Row 2: Jerry Higbe, Alain Boisvert
Row 3: Rich Scagliotta, Demetrios Drills
Row 4: Tim McCreadie, Tommy Flannigan
Row 5: Patrick Dupree, Brett Wright
Row 6: Mark D’llario, Ryan Forte
Row 7: Scot Boudinot, Greg Atkins
Row 8: Robert Bublak, Kevin Britten
Row 9: Mickael Labreche, Brian Swarthourt
Row 10: Randy Sweetman, James Henry
Row 11: Aaron Jacobs, Mike Maresca
Row 12: Brian Sage


Big-Block Modifieds

(20 laps; top 6 transfer to 200)
Row 1: Peter Britten, Tommy Flannigan
Row 2: Brian Swarthout, Vince Vitale
Row 3: Mark Forte, Jeff Rockefeller
Row 4: Jimmy Maier, Kevin Albert
Row 5: Mike Turner, Tyler Siri
Row 6: Dave Allen, Kevin Britten
Row 7: Bob McGannon, Rick Reglaski Jr.
Row 8: Steve Feder, Bob Hamm Jr.
Row 9: Ralph McBride, Adam Roberts
Row 10: Jeff Miller, Mark D’llario
Row 11: Greg Atkins, Tom Sears Jr.
Row 12: Billy VanInwegan, Todd Milton
Row 13: Kyle Redner, Roy Bresnahan
Row 14: Jeff Heotzler, Marcus Dinkins
Row 15: Brian McDonald, Dave Rauscher
Row 16: Mark Kislowski, Bob Sarkisian
Row 17: Mathieu Desjardins, Frankie Caprara
Row 18: Alan Therrien, John Ferrier
Row 19: Patrick Dupree, Hector Stratton
Row 20: Mickael Labreche


Papiez, Yetman fastest


1 p.m. — Cornwall, Ont.’s Shane Pecore (Sportsman) and Rob Yetman of Castleton, N.Y. (Pro Stocks) were the quickest qualifiers in their division’s respective time trials. Each will start from the pole position in the divisional features on Sunday.


New Jersey’s Brian Papiez was intially the fastest Sportsman qualifier, but his time was disallowed because post-race inspection found his car to have an unapproved air-box.


Full results from the Sportsman time trials can be seen here, while Pro Stock qualifying results are available by clicking here.


Time for qualifying


12:15 p.m. — Next on the Saturday agenda is the Pro Stock group time trials, which will set the lineup for Sunday’s Pro Stock Series Championship presented by BACC-Off.


IMG 0833


Terrance tops final Big-Block prelim


12 noon – Carey Terrance led a pair of former Syracuse 200 champions across the finish line in the third Big-Block Modified Triple 20, taking the $4,000 triumph over Billy Decker and Matt Sheppard.


Terrance dominated the event, rolling off the pole position to lead the entire distance. He handled three restarts to beat Decker by 0.981 of a second.


Tim McCreadie and Frank Cozze placed fourth and fifth, respectively.


Rich Scagliotta finished 10th to make the Syracuse 200 lineup, recovering from a wild flip earlier this morning that destroyed his 358-Modified.


Gary Tomkins grabbed the final transfer spot, finishing 12th in Mike Payne’s machine.


Caution flags flew on lap one for Marcus Dinkins, who hit the turn-one wall; lap three for Roy Bresnahan slapping the turn one concrete; and lap 13 for Adam Roberts, whose bid for his first Syracuse 200 start was dashed when his car lost power as he ran in seventh place.


Third Big-Block Modified Heat Finish: 1. Carey Terrance, 2. Billy Decker, 3. Matt Sheppard, 4. Tim McCreadie, 5. Frank Cozze, 6. John Ferrier, 7. Rick Laubach, 8. Dave Blaney, 9. Pierre Hebert, 10. Rich Scagliotta, 11. Tyler Dippel, 12. Gary Tomkins, 13. Peter Britten, 14. Jamie Maier, 15. Tyler Siri, 16. Bob McGannon, 17. Tommy Flannigan, 18. Adam Roberts, 19. Greg Atkins, 20. Todd Milton, 21. Roy Bresnahan, 22. Marcus Dinkins.


Friesen all the way in second Big-Block heat


11:35 a.m. — Three-time and defending Syracuse 200 champion Stewart Friesen had no trouble in the second Big-Block Modified Triple 20 heat race, scoring a flag-to-flag victory worth $4,000. It was his second career Big-Block heat win at the Syracuse Mile.


Pat Ward never challenged Friesen en route to a runner-up finish. Kenny Tremont placed third, followed by Keith Flach and Duane Howard.


The final transfer to the Syracuse 200 was 12th-place finisher Ryan Godown, who rallied after stopping in turn three on lap 11 to bring out a caution flag. The New Jersey driver’s car refired after he was pushed by a tow truck, allowing him to continue from the rear of the field.


Another caution flag was needed on lap 13 for Billy VanInwegen, whose Dieter Schmidt-owned car lost power between turns three and four on lap 13.


Second Big-Block Modified Heat Finish: 1. Stewart Friesen, 2. Pat Ward, 3. Kenny Tremont, 4. Keith Flach, 5. Duane Howard, 6. J.R. Hefner, 7. Mat Williamson, 8. Tim Fuller, 9. Justin Haers, 10. Danny Johnson, 11. Eldon Payne, 12. Ryan Godown, 13. Vince Vitale, 14. Jeff Rockefeller, 15. Mike Turner, 16. Kevin Britten, 17. Steve Feder, 18. Ralph McBride, 19. Mark D’Ilario, 20. Billy VanInwegen.


Wight controls first Big-Block triple


11:05 a.m. — Larry Wight kicked off the Big-Block Modified Triple 20 heat races with a convincing triumph, leading all the way to grab the $4,000 top prize by 3.549 seconds over 2013 Syracuse 200 winner Billy Dunn.


The victory was the second career NAPA Super DIRT Week Big-Block heat win for the 22-year-old Wight.


Brett Hearn finished third in the caution-free race, followed by Jimmy Phelps and Vic Coffey.


Jimmy Horton was sixth in the Halmar Racing car, which was renumbered to 12a — two-time Syracuse 200 champion Jack Johnson’s former number — for Saturday’s action.


The 10 highest-finishing non-qualified drivers advanced to the Syracuse 200, 12th-place finisher Andy Bachetti was the final transfer.


First Big-Block Modified Heat Finish: 1. Larry Wight, 2. Billy Dunn, 3. Brett Hearn, 4. Jimmy Phelps, 5. Vic Coffey, 6. Jimmy Horton, 7. Ronnie Johnson, 8. Dominick Buffalino, 9. Eddie Marshall, 10. Rob Bellinger, 11. Jesse Mueller, 12. Andy Bachetti, 13. Brian Swarthout, 14. Mark Forte Jr., 15. Kevin Albert, 16. Dave Allen, 17. Rick Reglaski Jr., 18. Bob Hamm Jr., 19. Jeff Miller, 20. Tom Sears Jr., 21. Kyle Redner, 22. Jeff Heotzler.


Hearn rolls in second 358 twin


10:45 a.m. — Brett Hearn was victorious in the second 358-Modified Twin 20, leading from flag-to-flag for a $1,000 payday and his eighth career small-block heat win.


The 150’s outside polesitter crossed the finish line 0.466 of a second in front of Billy Decker, who closed to within a couple car lengths of Hearn entering turn one on the final lap but lost traction and ceded distance to the race winner moments later.


Stewart Friesen cruised to a third-place finish, Jimmy Phelps placed fourth and Mario Clair was fifth.


The event was marred by a massive first-lap backstretch accident that brought out a red flag. Contact about five rows into the pack sent cars scrambling and smashing together in the middle of the straightway, with New Jersey’s Rich Scagliotta flipping wildly amidst the carnage.


Other drivers involved included Mike Maresca, David Hebert, Stephane Lawrence, Robert Bublak, Neil Stratton, Brian Sage, Mickael Labreche, Alain Therrien and Patrick Dupree. Heavy damage was evident on many cars, which were towed from the seen by wreckers, flatbeds and even a front-end loader.


Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported.


With the top-12 non-qualified drivers in the finishing order moving on to the 150, Stratton was the last transfer with his 15th-place finish despite going off in the lap-one wreck.


Second 358-Modified Twin 20 Finish: 1. Brett Hearn, 2. Billy Decker, 3. Stewart Friesen, 4. Jimmy Phelps, 5. Mario Clair, 6. Wayne Jelley, 7. Ryan Krachun, 8. Erick Rudolph, 9. Ryan Godown, 10. Matt Janiak, 11. Bob Sarkisian, 12. Ryan Darcy, 13. Brian McDonald, 14. Chad Jeseo, 15. Neil Stratton, 16. Mike Maresca, 17. Rich Scagliotta, 18. Stephane Lafrance, 19. David Hebert, 20. Patrick Dupree, 21. Brian Sage, 22. Alain Therrien, 23. Scott Boudinot, 24. Robert Bublak, 25. Mickael Labreche, 26. Randy Sweetman.


Dunn dominates first twin


9:55 a.m. — Billy Dunn cruised to victory in the first 358-Modified Twin 20, leading the entire distance by a short but comfortable margin to take the $1,000 top prize.


Kenny Tremont chased Dunn for most of the distance until losing second on lap 15 to Larry Wight, who pulled off an outside move in turn one while racing through lapped traffic. The 22-year-old Wight went on to finish in the runner-up spot, 0.636 of a second behind Dunn.


Tremont settled for third, followed by Ronnie Johnson and Carey Terrance.


One caution flag slowed the race, on lap two when Tim McCreadie slowed with a flat left-rear tire. The former race winner finished 19th and failed to transfer, forcing him to run a last-chance race later today.


Tyler Dippel, the 15-year-old who had his second-fastest qualifying lap on Thursday disallowed due to a fuel infraction, charged from the rear of the field to qualify for the 150 with a 12th-place finish.


With the first 12 non-qualified finishers advancing to the 150, 15th-place finisher Bob McGannon grabbed the final transfer position.


First 358-Modified Twin 20 finish: 1. Billy Dunn, 2. Larry Wight, 3. Kenny Tremont, 4. J.R. Heffner, 5. Ronnie Johnson, 6. Carey Terrance, 7. Marc Johnson, 8. Mathieu Desjardins, 9. Michael Parent, 10. Frankie Caprara, 11. Yan Bussiere, 12. Tyler Dippel, 13. Kevin Albert, 14. Tim Sears Jr., 15. Bob McGannon, 16. Jerry Higbie, 17. Alain Boisvert, 18. Demeirjouis Drellos, 19. Tim McCreadie, 20. Tommy Flannigan, 21. Brett Wright, 22. Mark I’Ilario, 23. Ryan Forte, 24. Greg Atkins, 25. Kevin Britten, 26. Brian Swarthout, 27. James Henry, 28. Aaron Jacobs, 29. Chris Raabe.


Ready to roll

9:30 a.m. — With sunny skies prevailing after rain washed out Friday’s action, the jam-packed Saturday schedule of events began shortly after 8 a.m. with practice sessions. The first race of the day — the first of the 358-Modified Twins 20 heat races — is moments away from hitting the racetrack.

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