Jeseo Officially Declared Winner of DIRTcar Pro Stock 50 after Post Race Technical Inspection

Following a post-race technical inspection, Chad Jeseo has been officially declared the winner of Sunday’s NAPA Super DIRT Week DIRTcar Pro Stock 50 at Oswego Speedway.

The Averill Park, NY driver, has also claimed the 2021 DIRTcar Pro Stock Championship.

“The Pro Stock of Chad Jeseo was taken to a controlled inspection area for further evaluation,” said DIRTcar Northeast Series Director Dean Reynolds. “The car was inspected to make sure it was within GM OEM specifications.

“The car was inspected by DIRTcar technicians Mark Hitchcock and Mike Welch, Nick Stone of Stone Motorsports, and Andy Rider of JACR Chassis. Representatives from Chad Jeseo as well as Albany-Saratoga and Lebanon Valley Speedway were present.

“After measurements were taken, it was determined that Chad Jeseo’s Pro Stock conformed to the specifications and deemed the official winner of the DIRTcar Pro Stock 50.”

DIRTcar Pro Stock 50 (Official Results) — 1. 25-Chad Jeseo[2]; 2. 324-Jason Casey[4]; 3. 7-Rob Yetman[11]; 4. 1X-Mike White[25]; 5. 23-Scott Towslee[15]; 6. 51-Jason Meltz[8]; 7. 413-Tommy Dean[26]; 8. 2-Pete Stefanski[17]; 9. 28-Burton Ward[21]; 10. 14J-Johnny Rivers[24]; 11. 17-Nick Hilt[31]; 12. 7D-Chucky Dumblewski[7]; 13. 91-Ian Bressette[27]; 14. 75S-Gary Silkey[20]; 15. 6C-Brian Carter[23]; 16. 178-Steve LaRochelle[13]; 17. 09-Shawn Perez[29]; 18. 56-Jay Fitzgerald[22]; 19. 69-Chris Crane[9]; 20. 6-Shane Playford[19]; 21. 711-Rich Crane[5]; 22. 8N-Nick Stone[3]; 23. 70X-Josh Coonradt[6]; 24. 322-Jay Casey[14]; 25. 54S-Zachary Sorrentino[18]; 26. 75-Eli Gilbert[28]; 27. 4-Dean Charbonneau[16]; 28. 2H-Luke Horning[1]; 29. 14-Kim Duell[10]; 30. X15-Tyler Bushey[30]; 31. 57K-Kevin Fetterly Jr[12].