25 Years. Every. Single. Car.

OSWEGO, NY – October 6, 2018 – From Bath, NY native Joyce Parcels has been registering race cars at NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week for twenty-five years. Next year she’ll be settled into a new home in Florida so this year’s NAPA Super DIRT Week is her last. Parcels dedication to the event embodies what makes it so special and so successful.

She knows that while the cars on the track are the focus of the show, it’s still the people that make up the heart and soul of the event.

First and foremost, Parcels will miss her team: “I’ll miss the tech team, like Mary Hitchcock my side kick. If there’s a problem and I can’t figure it out, I go to Mary and right around the corner is Betsy Finnigan. If you can’t find Mary, go to Betsy, and between the three of us we’ll figure it for you.”

Parcels, a little wistful, said “I’ll miss the people. The drivers are all so nice. Billy Decker, Pat Ward, and Kenny Tremont are some of my favorites. Tremont’s whole team is really nice. They are all so friendly and all so polite. They know they gotta go through there and sugar catches more flies than vinegar!”
“I love to see the paint schemes. Some of them are just gorgeous, the Pro Stocks especially”, said Parcels. She watched every single car at NAPA Super DIRT Week pass through tech inspection for twenty-five years.

Parcels is happy to see how well the transition from the New York State Fairgrounds to Oswego Speedway has gone. “I started working out of the back of a pick-up truck underneath the grandstand, then I moved to a card table, it just wasn’t big enough. I like it because we have a dedicated tech spot. We know where we will be. The drivers know where we’ll be. It’s easy for the drivers to get to us. Before at Syracuse, one day we were under the grandstand, one day we were out on the track, one day we were in the pits, and they never knew where to find us. This [the paved tented pad] is perfect. They come in and park, it’s on a nice level ground, so when you measure them, they are measured correctly.”

All of us here at NAPA Super DIRT Week will miss Joyce Parcels next year but we’ll remember what she taught us: It’s all about the people.