Saturday’s Live Updates 2014



Live Updates 10/11: Saturday at NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week


SYRACUSE, NY – Oct. 11, 2014 – NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week main-event action starts today with a doubleheader featuring the ‘Salute to the Troops’ 358-Modified Championship 150 and the USAC Silver Crown Series Salt City 78.


The forecast calls for partly sunny skies with temperatures only reaching the upper 50s, but there’s only the slightest chance of a passing shower.


After morning practice, Pro Stock time trials and last-chance races for the Big-Block Modifieds, 358-Modifieds, Sportsman and Pro Stocks, the USAC Silver Crown Series headliner is scheduled to take the green flag at 1:30 p.m. and the 358-Modified finale at 3:30 p.m.


For the latest race updates and a variety of news and notes, click the ‘Read More’ link below. Be sure to refresh your browser regularly to see the most up-to-date information.


Small-Block finish posted


6:05 p.m. – As Brett Hearn’s victory lane celebrations concludes and a final practice for Big-Block Modifieds lines up on pit road, the official finish for the 358-Modified 150 has been released. Click here to see it….


Lap 150: Hearn wins for second year in a row


In a typically dramatic final few circuits, Hearn took advantage of McCreadie being slowed by Decker’s powerless car to sweep into the lead and march on to his second consecutive 358-Modified 150 victory.


Hearn stayed about 10 car lengths in front of McCreadie for the final circuits to take the $20,000 win. It was his sixth career win in the event, tying him with Decker for the race record.


McCreadie held on to finish second, followed by Terrance, Raabe and Friesen, who rallied from a late pit stop.


Dunn (running fourth) ran out of fuel on lap 147, while Alain Boisvert gave up seventh place to a dry fuel tank on lap 143.


Lap 145: Decker to pits, Hearn to lead!


Decker ran dry and slowed into turn three, causing McCreadie to low momentum and allowing Hearn to slip by into the lead.


Lap 140: Decker cruising


Decker continues to maintain a steady advantage, leading McCreadie by roughly 10 car lengths. Hearn’s pressure on McCreadie has subsided, while Terrance has been unable to mount a sustained charge on Hearn.


Lap 130: Decker looking strong


With 20 laps remaining Decker holds a 10 car-length edge over McCreadie, who is fighting off pressure from Hearn.


Lap 119: Caution for Willy Decker


Willy Decker stopped between turns three and four with a reported broken rearend, bringing out the race’s eighth caution flag.


Lap 117: Terrance too high


The fine line Terrance has been running bit him as he slid a bit too high in turn two, lost traction and watched Hearn reclaim third.


Decker, meanwhile, has opened a 10 car length edge over McCreadie.


Lap 112: Better restart for Terrance


Terrance got the run he wanted this time, charging around the outside of Hearn off turn two to grab second. He’s now running hard in hopes of overtaking McCreadie.


Lap 108: Caution for Willix


Lance Willix twirled around between turns three and four but was able to drive away after the caution flew with a flat left-front tire. Moments earlier, Larry Wight’s day ended when he slowed and pulled onto the cinder track.


Decker now leads McCreadie, Hearn, Terrance, Dunn, Fuller, Boisvert, Raabe, Jelley, Ronnie Johnson, Higbie, Clair, Friesen and Arbuthnot.


Lap 104: Bad restart for Terrance


Terrance tried the same move he did on the last restart, charging hard into turn one in a bid to pass Decker. But Decker went in high enough that Terrance couldn’t sweep past and instead nearly ran into Decker’s back bumper, causing Terrance to slide high in one and two and lose second to McCreadie. Terrance attempted to charge back by McCreadie on the backstretch and then lost third to Hearn.


Lap 100: Caution for a smoker


Brett Wright’s car threw a heavy stream of white smoke entering turn three and slowed, forcing officials to put out the caution flag. He steered his car off the track and directly behind pit wall.


Decker leads Terrance, McCreadie, Hearn, Dunn, Fuller, Boisvert, Raabe, Jelley, Ronnie Johnsn, Higbie, Clair, Willix, Wight and Friese.


Lap 94: Terrance to second


Terrance continued his charge, surging around the outside of McCreadie in turn three to grab second place. He now has his sights set on Decker, who no doubt doesn’t want to pick up the pace since he’d like to conserve fuel.


Lap 86: Caution for Hebert


David Hebert pulled up lame in turn four while running on the lead lap. He drove away once the caution flew and pitted on lap 87.


Decker leads McCreadie, Terrance, Dunn, Hearn, Fuller, Boisvert, Raabe, Jelley, Ronnie Johnson, Higbie, Clair, Willix, Arbuthnot, Wright, Laubach, Wight….


Lap 82: Terrance on the charge


Terrance drove by Hearn for fourth on lap 76 and went around the outside of Dunn for third rounding turn two on lap 79. The Hogansburg, N.Y., driver is clearly running harder than anyone near the front of the field — and considering he pitted on lap 56 while leaders Decker and McCreadie and the drivers he just vanquished came in on lap 21, it’s no surprise that Terrance doesn’t have to conserve fuel like they are.


Lap 72: Great restart for Dunn, Terrance


When the green flag flew Dunn and Terrance both charged to the outside of the of turn one and picked up spots — Dunn grabbing third from Hearn, and Terrance overtaking Boisvert for fifth.


Lap 67: Corellis blows tire


Donnie Corellis, making his seventh 358-Modified 150 start, exploded a right-rear tire while running on the lead lap, strafing the backstretch with rubber. He has pitted and returned to the race.


Larry Wight had pulled out to a near straightaway lead over Rudolph prior to the caution period, the fourth of the race. They were the only drivers left on the track who hadn’t pitted, but they both headed in for fuel and a right-rear tire change on lap 70, leaving Billy Decker in the lead once again.


McCreadie now runs second, followed by Hearn, Dunn, Boisvert, Terrance, Fuller, Raabe, Jelley, Ronnie Johnson, Higbie, Clair and Hebert.


Lap 63: Horton off


Veteran Jimmy Horton, making his 18th career 358-Modified 150 start (top finish: second in 1987), pulled onto the cinder with mechanical trouble and has retired. He had just gotten the Easy Pass designation during the last caution period to get back on the lead lap.


Lap 53: Caution for a tangle


Tim Sears Jr. tangled with the lapped car driven by Greg Atkins between turns one and two. Atkins hit the wall hard, folding the front end of his machine.


The pits were busy on lap 56 as a bevy of cars came in, including leader Terrance. Raabe was the first out, followed by Terrance, Jelley, Ronnie Johnson, Higbie, Corellis, McDonald, Clair, Hebert, Willix, Arbuthnot, Wright and Bussiere.


The lead fell to Larry Wight, who did not pit. Rudolph sits second, followed by Decker (first car that has pitted), McCreadie and Hearn.


Lap 50: Terrance still in control


Terrance has build a solid lead through lapped traffic over Raabe. Ronnie Johnson remains third, followed by Jelley, Hebert, Wight, Clair, Rudolph, Higbie and Sears.


Lap 46: Howard retires


Pennsylvania’s Duane Howard, making just his third career 358-Modified 150 start and first since 1997, slowed on the homestretch and pulled onto the cinder track on the backstretch. He was running smoothly in seventh place behind the wheel of Glenn Hyneman’s Keystone Racing No. 126, a car that is also back at Syracuse after a long absence.


Lap 38: Traffic for Terrance


Terrance has reached the back of the pack as the leader for the first time with Raabe several car lengths behind him. Ronnie Johnson, Jelley and Hebert continue to fill out the top five, while Billy Decker — still the first car on the track that has pitted — is cruising along in 17th place.


Lap 19: Caution for Scags


Rich Scagliotta bounced over the inside berm on the backstretch and spun. He has turned his car around and driven away, albeit one lap down.


A rush of cars headed down pit road on lap 21. Decker led the charge back after quick servicing, followed by McCreadie, Hearn, Friesen, Dunn, Fuller, Boisvert, Horton, Laubach, McGannon, Marc Johnson, Ward, Willy Decker, Blewett, Albert and Rockefeller.


Terrance now leads Raabe, Ronnie Johnson, Jelley and Hebert heading to the restart. Billy Decker, the first driver off pit road, restarts in 19th place.


Lap 16: Terrance to lead


Carey Terrance slipped by Billy Decker in lapped traffic to assume command and immediately opened a short edge over the six-time race winner, who has Raabe challenging him for second.


Lap 15: Slower cars in play


Billy Decker has reached the back of the pack to begin lapping slower machines with Terrance only a few car lenghts behind him. Raabe has taken advantage to close up on the top two.


Lap 10: Putting in circuits


The field is settling in under green-flag conditions with Decker leading Terrance by several car lengths, followed by Raabe, McCreadie, Hearn, Ronnie Johnson, Friesen, Dunn, Jelley and Hebert.


Lap 5: Decker on top


The green flag flew on lap three and Billy Decker beat Carey Terrance into turn one to assume command.


Start: Immediate caution


The caution flag flew moments after the green flag flew because 38th-starter Jamie Maier lost the handle in a jam-up entering turn one and spun slowly to a stop. His car sustained no damage, however, and he will restart the race.


Polesitter Billy Decker is credited with leading the first lap.


Pace laps: Trouble for Jeseo


The race has not even started and Chad Jeseo has run into problems. He stopped in turn two on the first pace lap and is not on pit road with his crew working on the left-front corner of his car.


Race time


3:30 p.m. – The field has pulled off pit road and pace laps have begun. The chase for the 358-Modified 150’s $20,000 top prize will begin shortly.


Moments away….


3:20 p.m. – Driver introductions for the 358-Modified Championship 150 are nearing completion, putting the race’s competitors on the brink of starting their engines for 150 miles of action.


Under DIRTcar rules for the event, drivers are required to make one pit stop at any time during the race.


Final preparations


2:55 p.m. – With the drivers qualified for tomorrow’s Big-Block Modified Syracuse 200 currently on the racetrack for their final practice session before the $50,000-to-win event, the field for today’s 358-Modified Championship 150 is sitting on pit road awaiting the race’s pre-race ceremonies.


The 40-car 358-Modified field includes six former race winners (Billy Decker, Tim McCreadie, Brett Hearn, Wayne Jelley, Tim Fuller and Kenny Tremont) and six rookie event starters (Jeff Rockefeller, Chad Jeseo, Brett Wright, Mike Maresca, Jamie Maier and Olden Dwyer).


‘Salute to the Troops’ 358-Modified Championship 150 Starting Lineup


Row 1: Billy Decker, Carey Terrance
Row 2: Chris Raabe, Ronnie Johnson
Row 3: Tim McCreadie, Stewart Friesen
Row 4: Brett Hearn, Mario Clair
Row 5: Wayne Jelley, Alain Boisvert
Row 6: Billy Dunn, David Hebert
Row 7: Marc Johnson, Tim Sears Jr.
Row 8: Tim Fuller, Duane Howard
Row 9: Erick Rudolph, Larry Wight
Row 10: Jimmy Horton, Ryan Arbuthnot
Row 11: Bob McGannon, Rick Laubach
Row 12: Pat Ward, Kevin Albert Jr.
Row 13: Brian McDonald, Donnie Corellis
Row 14: Jerry Higbie Jr., Willy Decker
Row 15: Jeff Rockefeller, Jimmy Blewett
Row 16: Lance Willix II, Yan Bussiere
Row 17: Chad Jeseo, Kenny Tremont
Row 18: Brett Wright, Greg Atkins
Row 19: Mike Maresca, Jamie Maier
Row 20: Rich Scagliotta, Olden Dwyer



Swanson wins race, clinches title


2:35 p.m. – Californian Kody Swanson overtook Bobby East for the lead with an inside move through turns one and two on lap 67 and turned back a late challenge from A.J. Fike to capture the Salt City 78.


Swanson’s fifth win in 10 USAC Silver Crown events this season clinched his first-ever points championship in the historic open-wheel division.


Fike passed East for second on lap 70 and closed up to Swanson’s rear bumper with the white flag waving, but Fike slid high in turn one when he attempted a last-ditch move on Swanson with a lapped car ahead, ending his bid for victory.


East, who led laps 1-12 before ceding the spot to Swanson, settled for third place. Chris Windom was a distant fourth while two-time Syracuse 200 winner Stewart Friesen came on in the final laps to snare a fifth-place finish in his first-ever Silver Crown start.


Rich Tobias Jr. ran sixth for much of the distance but fell to eighth in the final rundown. He limped across the finish line with mechanical trouble.


USAC Silver Crown Finish: 1. Kody Swanson, 2. A.J. Fike, 3. Bobby East, 4. Chris Windom, 5. Stewart Friesen, 6. Tracy Hines, 7. Jerry Coons Jr., 8. Richie Tobias, 9. Davey Ray, 10. Patrick Lawson, 11. Randy Bateman, 12. Steve Buckwalter, 13. Kenny Gentry, 14. Shane Cockrum, 15. Wes Miller.


Still clean and green


2:10 p.m. – At the 50-lap mark, Bobby East continues to hold a comfortable edge over Kody Swanson, who is facing pressure from A.J. Fike. Windom runs fourth, followed by Hines, Tobias, Coons and Friesen.


East in control


2 p.m. – With 30 of 78 laps complete in the USAC Silver Crown event, Bobby East holds firm control by nearly a half-straightaway over Kody Swanson. East passed Swanson for the top spot on lap 13 with an inside move entering turn one and hasn’t been challenged since.


A.J. Fike runs third, followed by Chris Windom, Tracey Hines, Rich Tobias, Jerry Coons Jr. and Stewart Friesen.


USAC gets the green


1:40 p.m. – The USAC Silver Crown ‘Salt City 78’ — the first feature of NAPA Super DIRT Week XLIII — in underway after the completion of pre-race ceremonies.


A majority of eyes in the grandstand will be focused on Rich Tobias Jr. and Stewart Friesen, two former Syracuse 200 champions who are competing in the USAC event. Friesen is making his first-ever USAC Silver Crown start, but Tobias has plenty of experience in the division. Though Tobias hasn’t run a Silver Crown race since the tour’s 2012 season finale, he has 64 career starts dating back to 1999 and in 2003 won the prestigious Ted Horn 100 at the DuQuoin (Ill.) State Fair mile.


USAC Silver Crown ‘Salt City 78’ Starting Lineup


Row 1: Bobby East/Brownsburg, Ind., Kody Swanson/Kingsbug, Calif.
Row 2: A.J. Fike/Galesburg, Ill., Tracy Hines/New Castle, Ind.
Row 3: Chris Windom/Canton, Ill., Rich Tobias Jr./Lebanon, Pa.
Row 4: Stewart Friesen/Sprakers, N.Y., Shane Cockrum/Benton, Ill.
Row 5: Davey Ray/Daveport, Iowa, Steve Buckwalter/Royersford, Pa.
Row 6: Jerry Coons Jr./Tucson, Ariz., Randy Bateman/Murphysboro, Ill.
Row 7: Patrick Lawson/Edwardsville, Ill., Kenny Gentry/Henderson, Ky.
Row 8: Wes Miller/Seabrook, Texas



Last Chance Race results


358-Modified Last Chance Race Finish (top 6 transfer to 150): Lance Willix, Yan Bussiere, Chad Jeseo, Kenny Tremont, Brett Wright, Greg Atkins, Mike Maresca, Mike Maresca, Jamie Maier, Rich Scagliotta, Olden Dwyer, Brian Swartout, George Foley, Jessey Mueller, Eldon Payne.


Sportsman Last Chance Race No. 1 Finish (top 5 transfer to feature): Brad Rouse, Whitey Slavin, Taylor Lamb, Jessica Power, Robert Bublak Jr., Billy Coleman, Tyler Meeks, Martin Hebert, Dave Conant Jr., Ryan Stabler, Tiger Chapman, Chris Daugherty, Dillon Sallows, Kevin Ward, Chris Thurston, Winter Mead, Robert Humphreys (DNS) Nick Guererri, Harry Murphy.


Sportsman Last Chance Race No. 2 Finish (top 5 transfer to feature): Gary Lindberg, Joey Ladouceur, Steve Hicks, A.J. Lloyd, Ricky Thompson, Adam McAulliffe, Mike Stacey, Jamie Platt, Rob Maxon, Bob Reis, Jon Miller, Eric Giguere, Brett Martin, Dale Caswell, Doug Buzzell Jr., Tristan Draper, Jeff Watson (DNS) Robert Delormier.


Pro Stock Last Chance Race Finish (top 6 transfer to feature): Rick Dempsey, Tom Harkins, Richard Bertrand, Stephane Lariviere, Terry Ladouceur, Chris Cunningham, Chad Arsenault, Ricky Achcet, Mike White, Stephane Lemire, Bill Mason, Milo Campbell, Russ Marsden, Randy Casselman, Bruno Cyr.


Big-Block Modified Last Chance Race No. 1 Finish (top 2 transfer to 200): Billy VanInwegen, Tim Fuller, Mike Perrotte, Tom Sears Jr., Ryan Susice, Dan Wiesner, Bob Sarkisian, Pierre Hebert, Mike Turner, Aaron Jacobs, Greg Atkins.


Big-Block Modified Last Chance Race No. 2 Finish (top 2 transfer to 200): Rich Scagliotta, Rex King Jr., Jeff Rockefeller, Jimmy Horton, Carey Terrance, Dan Vauter, Kevin Albert, Bobby Hamm Jr., Mark Forte Jr.



Roy, Charbonneau fastest Pro Stocks


12:15 p.m. – Jocelyn Roy of St-Helene, Que., registered the fastest lap in Pro Stock time trials, circling the mile in 37.696 seconds to earn the pole position for Sunday’s 25-lap headliner.


A French-Canadian who doesn’t speak much English, Roy nevertheless knew one word to describe his emotions during his post-race interview: “Happy! Happy! Happy!”


Dean Charbonneau of Clifton Park, N.Y., meanwhile, was very emotional after grabbing the outside pole with his second-fastest lap of 37.810 seconds. He underwent heart-bypass surgery in March and his doctors told him he might be ready to return to the cockpit by Super DIRT Week, but he recovered quickly and was back racing by late July. In addition, he acknowledged the death of his father — a big part of his racing program — earlier this year.


Full results from qualfying can be seen by clicking here.


Their final shot


11:10 a.m. – Five last-chance races — two for the Big-Block Modifieds and Sportsman and one for the 358-Modifieds — will be contested after Pro Stock time trials are completed. A sixth last-chance event will be run for the Pro Stocks after the division’s qualifying is done.


The consolations will complete the starting fields for each division’s headline event.


Last-Chance Race Lineups


(top 6 transfer to 150)
Row 1: Lance Willix II, Yan Bussiere
Row 2: Stephane Lafrance, Danny Johnson
Row 3: Matt Sheppard, Kenny Tremont
Row 4: Chad Jeseo, Greg Atkins
Row 5: Brett Wright, Mike Maresca
Row 6: Jessey Mueller, Ryan Forte
Row 7: Rich Scagliotta, Olden Dwyer
Row 8: Jamie Maier, George Foley
Row 9: Eldon Payne, Al Blanchard
Row 10: Ryan Darcy, Dave Flannigan
Row 11: Brian Swarthout, Chad Pierce


Big-Block Modifieds
(top 2 transfer to 200)
First Last-Chance Race
Row 1: Billy VanInwegen, Mike Perrotte
Row 2: Mario Clair, Tom Sears Jr.
Row 3: Bob Sarkisian, Tim Fuller
Row 4: Dan Wiesner, Roy Breshnahan
Row 5: Greg Atkins, Mike Turner
Row 6: Ryan Susice, Brian Murphy
Row 7: Al Blanchard, Aaron Jacobs
Row 8: Pierre Hebert, Bobby Varin
Row 9: Eldon Payne, Brett Wright
Second Last Chance Race
Row 1: Rich Scagliotta, Rex King Jr.
Row 2: Jimmy Horton, Dan Vauter
Row 3: Jamie Maier, Mark Forte Jr.
Row 4: Jeff Rockefeller, Willy Decker
Row 5: Marcus Dinkins, John McClelland
Row 6: Kevin Albert, Bobby Hamm Jr.
Row 7: Carey Terrance, Brian Kressley
Row 8: David Hebert, Brian McDonald
Row 9: Ryan Forte, Henry Maier



(top 4 transfer to feature)
First Last Chance Race
Row 1: Brad Rouse, Jessica Power
Row 2: Whitey Slavin, Robert Bublak Jr.
Row 3: Taylor Lamb, Billy Coleman
Row 4: Tyler Meeks, Martin Hebert
Row 5: Dave Conant Jr., Ryan Stabler
Row 6: Tiger Chapman, Chris Daugherty
Row 7: Nick Guererri, Robert Humphreys
Row 8: Dillon Sallows, Chris Thurston
Row 9: Kevin Ward, Winter Mead
Row 10: Harry Murphy
Second Last Chance Race
Row 1: Gary Lindberg, Mike Stacey
Row 2: Joey Ladouceur, A.J. Lloyd
Row 3: Steve Hicks, Ricky Thompson
Row 4: Adam McAuliffe, Jeff Watson
Row 5: Eric Giguere, Brett Martin
Row 6: Bob Reis, Jamie Platt
Row 7: Rob Maxon, Tristian Draper
Row 8: Dale Caswell, John Miller
Row 9: Doug Buzzell, Robert Delormier


We’re rolling


10:50 a.m. – On-track activity began earlier with practice for the Pro Stock division and continues with 358-Modifieds currently hot-lapping. The Pro Stocks will soon return to the speedway for time trials that lock 24 drivers into Sunday’s 25-lap Championship feature.

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