Friday’s Live Updates 2014

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LIVE UPDATES 10/10: NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week


SYRACUSE, NY – Oct. 10, 2014 – A full day of NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week action is rolling at the one-mile New York State Fairgrounds, highlighted by tonight’s Camping World ‘Friday Night Lights’ qualifying program.


Eight heat races are scheduled to run tonight: Triple 20s for the DIRTcar Big-Block Modifieds, Twin 20s for the 358-Modifieds and Triple 10s for the Sportsman-Modified division.


Before the evening competition, though, there will be plenty of laps turned this afternoon. In addition to practice sessions, the schedule shows DIRTcar Futures qualifying and races for the Big-Blocks, 358-Modifieds, Sportsman and Pro Stocks; Sportsman-Modified time trials (top six qualify for Sunday’s feature); and practice and qualifying for the USAC Silver Crown division, which is part of Super DIRT Week for the first time since 2003.


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Win No. 2 for HBR


10:20 p.m. – Jimmy Phelps capped the ‘Friday Night Lights’ program with a victory in the third Big-Block heat, joining HBR teammate Matt Sheppard as a $4,000 winner.


Duane Howard finished about 10 car lengths behind the flag-to-flag victor, with Donnie Corellis, Erick Rudolph and Larry Wight completing the top five.


Third Big-Block Modified Triple 20 Finish (top 10 non-qualified drivers transfer to Syracuse 200): 1. Jimmy Phelps, 2. Duane Howard, 3. Donnie Corellis, 4. Erick Rudolph, 5. Larry Wight, 6. Pat Ward, 7. Stewart Friesen, 8. Dave Rauscher, 9. Danny Johnson, 10. Vince Vitale, 11. Ryan Phelps, 12. Jeff Heotzler, 13. Tom Sears Jr., 14. Rich Scagliotta, 15. Mike Perrotte, 16. Dan Wiesner, 17. Willy Decker, 18. Rex King Jr., 19. Ryan Susice, 20. Bobby Hamm Jr., 21. Carey Terrance, 22. Aaron Jacobs, 23. Brian Kressley, 24. Pierre Hebert.


No challengers for Hearn


9:55 p.m. – Brett Hearn controlled the second Big-Block heat, beating Vic Coffey to the finish line by over half a straightaway.


Defending Syracuse 200 champ Billy Dunn finished third, followed by Peter Britten and Ryan Godown.


Second Big-Block Modified Triple 20 Finish (top 10 non-qualified drivers transfer to Syracuse 200): 1. Brett Hearn, 2. Vic Coffey, 3. Billy Dunn, 4. Peter Britton, 5. Ryan Godown, 6. Dominick Buffalino, 7. Eddie Marshall, 8. Jim Davis, 9. Brian Swarthout, 10. Rob Bellinger, 11. Keith Flach, 12. Dave Allen, 13. Jimmy Horton, 14. Bob Sarkisian, 15. Jamie Maier, 16. Mark Forte Jr., 17. Roy Bresnahan, 18. Marcus Dinkins, 19. John McClelland, 20. Brian Murphy, 21. Al Blanchard.


Super Matt dominates


9 p.m. – Matt Sheppard was untouchable in the first Big-Block Modified Triple 20, leading the entire distance and beating Rick Laubach to the finish line by nearly a full straightaway.


Billy Decker lost second to Laubach on the opening lap and stayed in third place to the finish. Tim McCreadie and J.R. Heffner completed the top five.


First Big-Block Modified Triple 20 Finish (top 10 non-qualified drivers transfer to Syracuse 200): 1. Matt Sheppard, 2. Rick Laubach, 3. Billy Decker, 4. Tim McCreadie, 5. J.R. Heffner, 6. Tim Hindley, 7. Kenny Tremont, 8. Justin Haers, 9. Ronnie Johnson, 10. Matt Billings, 11. Gary Tomkins, 12. Bob McGannon, 13. Mario Clair, 14. Dan Vauter, 15. Billy VanInwegen, 16. Tim Fuller, 17. Jeff Rockefeller, 18. Greg Atkins, 19. Mike Turner, 20. Kevin Albert.


Sportsman prelims complete


8:40 p.m. – Brian Krummel, Mike Butler and Michael Sabia emerged triumphant in the Sportsman Triple 10s.


Sabia weighed in light after the race, but by DIRTcar rules he keeps the victory because the second-place car does not move up. He was penalized and did not partake in victory lane ceremonies, but he is still in Sunday’s feature because he was locked into the third starting spot through time trials.


First Sportsman Triple 10 Finish (top 4 non-qualified drivers transfer to feature): 1. Brian Krummel, 2. Dave Marcuccilli, 3. Corey Wheeler, 4. Matt Janiak, 5. Jeremy Pitts, 6. Brad Rouse, 7. Robert Bublak Jr., 8. Steve Hicks, 9. Ricky Thompson, 10. Martin Hebert, 11. Eric Giguere, 12. Tiger Chapman, 13. Chris Daugherty, 14. Rob Maxon, 15. Dillon Sallows, 16. Jon Miller, 17. Jimmy Spellmon, 18. Robert Delormier.


Second Sportsman Triple 10 Finish (top 4 non-qualified drivers transfer to feature): 1. Mike Butler, 2. Cody McPherson, 3. Ron Davis III, 4. Martin Pelletier, 5. Louie Jackson Jr., 6. Whitey Slavin, 7. A.J. Lloyd, 8. Gary Lindberg, 9. Tyler Meeks, 10. Jeff Watson, 11. Ryan Stabler, 12. Jessica Power, 13. Jamie Platt, 14. Robert Humphreys, 15. Dale Caswell, 16. Kevin Ward, 17. Winter Mead, 18. James Henry.


Third Sportsman Triple 10 Finish (top 4 non-qualified drivers transfer to feature): 1. Michael Sabia, 2. Mike Maresca, 3. Mathieu Dejardins, 4. Rocky Warner, 5. Dave Constantino, 6. Joey Lacouceur, 7. Taylor Lamb, 8. Billy Coleman, 9. Adam McAulliffe, 10. Dave Conant Jr., 11. Brett Martin, 12. Bob Reis, 13. Nick Guererri, 14. Tristan Draper, 15. Chris Thurston, 16. Doug Buzzell Jr.


Terrance does it again


7:50 p.m. – Carey Terrance pulled off a repeat of 2013, leading the second 358-Modified Twin 20 from flag-to-flag to score a NAPA Super DIRT Week heat win for the second consecutive year.


Ronnie Johnson drew close to Terrance when the leader was slowed by a lapped car on lap 13, but Terrance cleared the slower machine and Johnson did not, leaving R.J. second at the finish. Stewart Friesen placed third, Mario Clair was fourth and Alain Boisvert finished fifth.


Jimmy Blewett, who finished 15th, was the last driver to transfer to the 150 from the first heat.


Second 358-Modified Twin 20 Finish (top 12 non-qualified drivers transfer to 150): 1. Carey Terrance, 2. Ronnie Johnson, 3. Stewart Friesen, 4. Mario Clair, 5. Alain Boisvert, 6. David Hebert, 7. Tim Sears Jr., 8. Duane Howard, 9. Larry Wight, 10. Ryan Arbithnot, 11. Rick Laubach, 12. Kevin Albert, 13. Donnie Corellis, 14. Willy Decker, 15. Jimmy Blewett, 16. Chad Jeseo, 17. Brett Wright, 18. Jessey Mueller, 19. Rich Scagliotta, 20. Jamie Maier, 21. Eldon Payne, 22. Yan Bussier, 23. Ryan Darcy, 24. Stephane Lafrance, 25. Brian Swarthout, 26. Chad Pierce.


Decker cruises to victory


7:30 p.m. – Billy Decker controlled the first 358-Modified Twin 20 from start-to-finish to beat Tim McCreadie to the finish line. Chris Raabe finished third, Brett Hearn was fourth and Wayne Jelley placed fifth.


Jeff Rockefeller, who finished 15th, was the last driver to transfer to the 150 from the first heat.


First 358-Modified Twin 20 Finish (top 12 non-qualified drivers transfer to 150): 1. Billy Decker, 2. Tim McCreadie, 3. Chris Raabe, 4. Brett Hearn, 5. Wayne Jelley, 6. Billy Dunn, 7. Marc Johnson, 8. Tim Fuller, 9. Erick Rudolph, 10. Jimmy Horton, 11. Bob McGannon, 12. Pat Ward, 13. Brian McDoland, 14. Jerry Higbie, 15. Jeff Rockefeller, 16. Kenny Tremont, 17. Greg Atkins, 18. Mike Maresca, 19. Ryan Forte, 20. Olden Dwyer, 21. George Foley, 22. Al Blanchard, 23. Lance Willix II, 24. Dave Flannigan.


Ready to roll


7 p.m. – Opening ceremonies for the Camping World ‘Friday Night Lights’ heat-race program are underway. The DIRTcar 358-Modified Twin 20s will hit the track first.



Friday Night Lights next up


6 p.m. – Practice for Big-Block Modifieds, 358-Modifieds and Pro Stocks is currently underway, but the track will soon go silent for a short time as final preparations are made for tonight’s Camping World ‘Friday Night Lights’ qualifying program.


Eight heat races will comprise the show. The top 10 non-qualified drivers to cross the finish line in the Big-Block Triple 20s will move on to Sunday’s Syracuse 200; the top 12 non-qualified racers in the 358-Modified Twin 20s will transfer to Saturday’s 150-miler; and the top-four non-qualified drivers in each of the Sportsman Triple 10s will lock into Sunday’s 30-lap championship feature.


The lineups for all eight heat races are below:


First Big-Block Modified Triple 20

Row 1: Matt Sheppard, Billy Decker
Row 2: Rick Laubach, J.R. Heffner
Row 3: Tim McCreadie, Tim Hindley
Row 4: Ronnie Johnson, Justin Haers
Row 5: Tim Fuller, Kenny Tremont
Row 6: Gary Tomkins, Bob McGannon
Row 7: Mario Clair, Jeff Rockefeller
Row 8: Kevin Albert, David Hebert
Row 9: Dan Vauter, Brian McDonald
Row 10: Billy VanInwegen, Greg Atkins
Row 11: Ryan Forte, Henry Maier
Row 12: Mike Turner, Matt Billings

Second Big-Block Modified Triple 20

Row 1: Brett Hearn, Billy Dunn
Row 2: Vic Coffey, Keith Flach
Row 3: Peter Britten, Ryan Godown
Row 4: Jimmy Horton, Dominic Buffalino
Row 5: Eddie Marshall, Bobby Varin
Row 6: Rob Bellinger, Roy Bresnahan
Row 7: Mark Forte Jr., Brian Swarthout
Row 8: Jim Davis, Eldon Payne
Row 9: Bob Sarkisian, Dave Allen
Row 10: Brett Wright, John McClelland
Row 11: Jamie Maier, Marcus Dinkins
Row 12: Al Blanchard

Third Big-Block Modified Triple 20

Row 1: Jimmy Phelps, Duane Howard
Row 2: Erick Rudolph, Larry Wight
Row 3: Dave Rauscher, Donnie Corellis
Row 4: Carey Terrance, Pat Ward
Row 5: Danny Johnson, Ryan Phelps
Row 6: Stewart Friesen, Vince Vitale
Row 7: Tom Sears Jr., Rex King Jr.
Row 8: Jeff Heotzler, Rich Scagliotta
Row 9: Dan Wiesner, Willy Decker
Row 10: Pierre Hebert, Brian Kressley
Row 11: Mike Perrotte, Bobby Hamm Jr.
Row 12: Jeremie Corcoran

First 358-Modified Twin 20

Row 1: Billy Decker, Chris Raabe
Row 2: Tim McCreadie, Brett Hearn
Row 3: Marc Johnson, Erick Rudolph
Row 4: Wayne Jelley, Jimmy Horton
Row 5: Billy Dunn, Tim Fuller
Row 6: Matt Sheppard, Pat Ward
Row 7: Bob McGannon, Greg Atkins
Row 8: Jerry Higbie, Ryan Forte
Row 9: Brian McDonald, Jeff Rockefeller
Row 10: Kenny Tremont, George Foley
Row 11: Tommy Flannigan, Olden Dwyer
Row 12: Mike Maresca, Al Blanchard
Row 13: Dave Flannigan

Second 358-Modified Twin 20

Row 1: Carey Terrance, Ronnie Johnson
Row 2: Stewart Friesen, David Hebert
Row 3: Mario Clair, Jimmy Blewett
Row 4: Tim Sears Jr., Larry Wight
Row 5: Alain Boisvert, Duane Howard
Row 6: Ryan Darcey, Ryan Arbithnot
Row 7: Kevin Albert, Brett Wright
Row 8: Brian Kressley, Willy Decker
Row 9: Jessey Mueller, Chad Jeseo
Row 10: Stephane Lafrance, Rich Scagliotta
Row 11: Donnie Corellis, Jamie Maier
Row 12: Brian Swarthout, Eldon Payne
Row 13: Chad Pierce

First Sportsman Triple 10

Row 1: Jimmy Spellmon, Brian Krummel
Row 2: Corey Wheeler, Matt Janiak
Row 3: Dave Marcuccilli, Robert Bublak Jr.
Row 4: Jeremy Pitts, Robert Delormier
Row 5: Steve Hicks, Brad Rouse
Row 6: Eric Giguere, Martin Hebert
Row 7: Ricky Thompson, Rob Maxon
Row 8: Chris Daugherty, Tiger Chapman
Row 9: Dillon Sallows, Jon Miller

Second Sportsman Triple 10

Row 1: Mike Butler, James Henry
Row 2: Cody McPherson, Martin Pelletier
Row 3: Ron Davis III, Jessica Power
Row 4: Whitey Slavin, Louie Jackson Jr.
Row 5: Tyler Meeks, A.J. Lloyd
Row 6: Ryan Stabler, Jeff Watson
Row 7: Gary Lindberg, Robert Humphreys
Row 8: Dale Caswell, Jamie Platt
Row 9: Kevin Ward, Winter Mead
Row 10: Harry Murphy

Third Sportsman Triple 10

Row 1: Michael Sabia, Shane Pecore
Row 2: Mathieu Dejardins, Mike Maresca
Row 3: Dave Constantino, Rocky Warner
Row 4: Billy Coleman, Joey Ladouceur
Row 5: Taylor Lamb, Adam McAulliffe
Row 6: Dave Conant Jr., Brett Martin
Row 7: Chris Thurston, Nick Guererri
Row 8: Bob Reis, Tristan Draper
Row 9: Mike Stacey, Doug Buzzell Jr.


East fastest in USAC qualifying


5:45 p.m. – Bobby East of Brownsburg, Ind. (below, Alex Bruce photo) earned the pole position for Saturday’s USAC Silver Crown Salt City 78 with a quick lap of 32.436 seconds in time trials.


Kody Swanson of Kingsburg, Calif., will share the front row with East after turning the second-fastest lap at 32.535 seconds.


Complete results from USAC time trials can be seen here.


DSC 0841



King shines in Big-Block Futures main


5:25 p.m. – Rex King Jr. of Bristolville, Ohio (below, Alex Bruce photo) showed the way in the 12-lap DIRTcar Big-Block Modified Futures feature, beating Jim Davis of Ballston Spa, N.Y., to the finish line by 1.127 seconds.


DIRTcar Big-Block Modified Futures Finish (12 laps): Rex King Jr., Jim Davis, Ryan Susice, Kevin Albert, John McClelland, Dave Allen, Bobby Hamm Jr., Pierre Hebert, Marcus Dinkins, Mike Turner, Olden Dwyer, Willy Decker, Al Blanchard, Chad Pierce, Ralph McBride, Dan Wiesner, Aaron Jacobs, Mark Forte Jr.


DSC 0835



Harkins holds on in Pro Stock Futures race


5:10 p.m. – Tom Harkins of Hudson, N.Y. (below, Alex Bruce photo) bested fellow Capital District racer Randy Casselman of Johnstown, N.Y., to win the 8-lap Pro Stock Futures feature by 0.259 of a second.


Pro Stock Futures Feature Finish (8 laps): Tom Harkins, Randy Casselman, Chad Arsenault, Richard Bertrand, Stephane Lemire, Russ Marsden, Chris Cunningham, Terry Ladouceur, Ray Sitterly, Mike White.


DSC 0826


Slavin, Krummel top Sportsman Futures


5:05 p.m. – Whitey Slavin of Wyantskill, N.Y., and Brian Krummel of Middletown, N.Y., were victorious in the pair of DIRTcar Sportsman Futures features.


Slavin (below top, Alex Bruce photo) pulled off a dramatic victory in the first event, which ended one lap short of its scheduled 12-lap distance due to meeting the 15-minute time limit. He crossed the finish line a mere 0.184 of a second in front of Pine Island, N.Y.’s Matt Janiak.


Krummel (below bottom, Alex Bruce photo) controlled the second 12-lapper, cruising to victory by 3.018 seconds over Tyler Meeks of Evans Mills, N.Y.


First DIRTcar Sportsman Futures Feature Finish (11 laps): Whitey Slavin, Matt Janiak, Ryan Stabler, Taylor Lamb, Dave Constantino, Tiger Chapman, Steve Hicks, Kevin Ward, Chris Daugherty, Tristan Draper, Mike Stacey, Winter Mead, Harry Murphy, Bob Reis.


Second DIRTcar Sportsman Futures Feature Finish (12 laps): Brian Krummel, Tyler Meeks, Chris Thurston, Jeff Watson, Ron Davis III, A.J. Lloyd, Jon Miller, Martin Hebert, Mike Butler, Nick Guererri, Jamie Platt, Rob Maxon, Doug Buzzell Jr., Billy Coleman.


DSC 0806


DSC 0817


Jeseo tops 358-Mod Futures Race


Chad Jeseo of Averill Park, N.Y., became the first race winner of NAPA Super DIRT Week XLIII, capturing the 10-lap DIRTcar Futures feature for 358-Modifieds. The 28-year-old Pro Stock graduate from New York’s Capital District crossed the finish line 2.071 seconds ahead of Orefield, Pa.’s Brian Kressley, a veteran Keystone State small-blocker who is making his first-ever start at Syracuse.


Complete qualifying results can be seen here.


DIRTcar 358-Modified Futures Feature Finish (10 laps): Chad Jeseo, Brian Kressley, Ryan Darcey, Brett Wright, Jamie Maier, Jessey Mueller, Olden Dwyer, Mike Maresca, Dave Allen, Henry Maier, Chad Pierce, Ryan Forte.


DSC 0801


Rough start for Friesen


4:15 p.m. – Two-time Syracuse 200 winner Stewart Friesen’s introduction to USAC Silver Crown competition began with a twirl — specifically, a spin into the turn-one wall during this afternoon’s first practice session for the open-wheel cars.


Friesen, who is pulling triple-duty this week with his first-ever Silver Crown ride in the City of Syracuse Special fielded by RPM/Fred Gormly, survived the miscue with only minimal damage to his machine.


“I just took it in a little too deep and lost it,” said Friesen. “These cars have little grip and a ton of horsepower. It’ll take me probably 200 laps to figure these cars out.”


Despite the spin, Friesen (below, Alex Bruce photo) was sixth-fastest in the first practice among the 15 entrants for Saturday afternoon’s Salt City 78 with a lap of 32.292 seconds. Kody Swanson of Kingsburg, Calif., was quickest at 30.864 seconds.


Richie Tobias of Annville, Pa., another former Syracuse 200 winner, is making his first USAC Silver Crown start in several years and was eighth-fastest (32.436 seconds) in the first practice session. He finished second in the last Silver Crown event at Syracuse, in 2003.


DSC 0689


Spellmon quickest in Sportsman qualifying


4 p.m. – Jimmy Spellmon of Butler, N.J., topped the DIRTcar Sportsman qualifying session, turning a lap of 32.819 seconds to earn the pole position for Sunday’s 30-lap feature.


A regular at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, N.Y., Spellmon (photo below by Alex Bruce) will share the front row of Sunday’s headliner with Mike Butler of Milford, N.J., who was second-fastest with a lap of 32.957 seconds.


Other drivers locking into Sunday’s finale were Michael Sabia of Easton, Conn. (33.031), Brian Krummel of Middletown, N.Y. (33.044), James Henry of Niagara Falls, N.Y. (33.109) and Shane Pecore of St-Andrews, Ont. (33.158).


DSC 0787



DIRTcar Futures fields set


2:50 p.m. – Qualifying for today’s DIRTcar Futures events is complete, setting the stage for this afternoon’s features.


Jim Davis of Ballston Spa, N.Y. (Big-Block Modifieds), Chad Jeseo of Averill Park, N.Y. (358-Modifieds), Dave Constantino of Fultonville, N.Y. (Sportsman Race No. 1), Ron Davis III of Memphis, N.Y. (Sportsman Race No. 2) and Tom Harkins of Hudson, N.Y. (Pro Stocks) were the fastest qualifiers and will start from the pole position in their respective divisional features.


Complete DIRTcar Futures qualifying/race lineups can be seen here.


Crisp fall day


1:50 p.m. – Temperatures are hovering in the upper 50s under partly cloudly skies as a very busy day of NAPA Super DIRT Week action is underway.


Practice/qualifying for the DIRTcar Futures events is currently being contested in advance of the four races later this afternoon. The DIRTcar Futures events are scheduled to begin at 3:50 p.m.


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